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The Radiofrequency technology of ThermiRF allows for transfer of energy to the skin and fat separately. This heating causes collagen fibers in the skin to contract and new collagen to be formed. Applied to the fat, cells can melt away over the course of 6-9 weeks after the procedure. With this technology, areas of excess fat can be sculpted and the skin can be tightened allowing for an improved jawline or softened wrinkles. More aggressive than most lasers or external treatments, ThermiTight offers a minimally invasive "lift" that doesn't have the long scars or complications associated with traditional facelifts.

C02 with PRP

Recently a new flurry of research has been published focusing on the use of PRP in combination with the fractionated CO2 laser.[i] When used together, the length of downtime you experience due to erythema and skin peeling can be decreased and the overall outcome improved. The result is skin that is smoother, thicker and more youthful. These results are long lasting and will typically continue to improve over the first six months of your procedure. In my experience with both fractionated CO2 laser with and without PRP, patients recover in nearly half the time and the results are better with the use of PRP. If you are considering procedures to combat the effects of aging, I highly encourage you to look into this innovative therapy.

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Asian Bleph

Through a combination of the traditional suture technique with a modified incisional technique, patients can experience surgery with less downtime, bruising, swelling and risk of failure.