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Eye Rejuvenation

The eyes are the windows to the soul…and they are the first area of the face to typically show the signs of aging. We offer a wide range of procedures to improve the aesthetics of this region as each individual has different priorities in their fight to maintain a youthful appearance. These interventions range from the medical including injectables, neuromodulators (botox, dysport), lasers, to surgical.

The two most common areas of concern are the lateral brow and tear trough. The lateral brow descends with age leading to “hooding” of the upper eyes. This worsens the crow’s feet that are so evident when smiling. The tear trough is a hollowing under the lower eyelids. This gives a tired or sad look to the face even though you may feel better than you have in your life. This represents a loss of the normal subcutaneous fat and descent of the cheek mound with age. 

Lower lid tear troughs can be treated with fillers or fat repositioning, eliminating the hollow between the lower lid and cheek mound. Each patient has a different combination of features that makes designing a treatment plan unique.


The most difficult procedure in facial plastic surgery, Rhinoplasty is more of an art than science. Unlike most other surgical procedures, nose jobs continue to age and change with time. It can sometimes take years before the final outcome of surgery is noted. 

Our goal is to create lasting changes that do not vary with time and lead to the dreaded “done” nose. To effect these changes we utilize all of the approaches that are used to expose the nasal skeleton. Which approach depends on the desires and anatomy of the individual patient.

Surgery is tailored according to the goals established in our consultations. The average rhinoplasty takes anywhere from six months to one year before the full effects of the maneuvers performed can be evaluated. During this time, we will be there for each patient with multiple follow ups and our time during the healing period.

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Aging effects us all. Some more so than others – unfortunately. To combat this, surgeons have been performing facelifts for generations to varying degrees of success. Why do the results vary so greatly from natural and well-rested to plastic and pulled? Much of this depends on the desires of the patient and the skill of the operator. A well-done facelift, no matter what technique, should turn back the clock by 10-15 years. How long these effects last is debatable, but it is our belief that the deep plane facelift gives a long lasting, natural lift with less downtime and fewer common adverse events.